Script change

Buck seemingly all alone on a planet is wondering, searching.

He happens upon a light that leads him to a mysterious door.

Behind the door he finds the source of the flashing light – a computer displaying the blue screen of death.

When he pushs a button on the keyboard his entire world lights up.

Life is restored.


Buck’s story – Intro

The air is crisp, dark, devoid of life. Metal scrapes upon metal. His movements are rigid, clumsy. He scans his environment looking for something new, different. He finds nothing. He continues walking. Lights flash hinting at life, but he knows better. He’s alone. A once thriving ecosystem, now desolate. He sees it all, a recording forever etched in his hard-drive. He reminisces, projecting an image of love on a nearby wall. All he ever knew, taken from him. He shakes his head, and continues to move forward. He will continue his search, scanning a landscape he has seen countless times before. Every chip, every rise and fall of the horizon, the same as it was before. He continues to scan, ignoring the obvious. He refuses to believe that he is truly alone. He never found her. After it happened he searched for years covering every inch of this planet. Still he saw no sign of her. It was as though she never existed. For most, that fact would be discouraging. Buck saw it differently. Having not found her yet, only made him believe more that she had survived just like he did. Maybe she was searching for him as he was for her. Maybe they just kept missing each other. An image of her, cold, alone played in his head. He imagined her walking, as he did, never giving up. He walked faster, more determined. She was out there and he would find her. He reached the center of the once vibrant city. The sound of glass crunched under his feet. He bent down to pick up a piece of broken circuitry. Holding it up to the light of a half broken street lamp, he examines it closer. A single blue light faintly pulses from the shattered piece of circuitry. Curious, Buck leans in closer, to examine it better. He waits. Nothing happens. Confused he continues to walk, periodically looking at the object in his hand. Buildings blur past as he tries to make sense of what he found. Sensing a change, he looks up to see a mysterious light pulsing, not unlike what he saw earlier. Scared the light might disappear again, he runs towards it. His knees lock, kicking out painfully. He doesn’t care. He runs faster. The object in his hand starts to pull as he approaches the source. The closer he gets to the light the stronger the pull becomes. As he approaches the source of the strange light, the pull becomes so strong that he is no longer running, but rather being dragged. He starts to panic, unsure of what is yet to come. He sees the light pulse become stronger, more vibrant. Looking at his hand, he sees the object that appeared dead only moments ago, now pulsing with the same intensity and vibrance as the mysterious light. Suddenly his foot gets caught on a piece of uneven ground and he slams to the floor with so much force that he looses his grasp of his found object. It picks up speed and disappears between two buildings in an instant. Distraught, Buck thrusts himself up and begins to chase what now appears to be a flying piece of circuitry. The two buildings create a vast tunnel, shrouded in darkness. Darkness swallows him. An abyss of emptiness. Frantic now, Buck starts to panic. The only life he’s seen in years has slipped through his grasp. He slows down, physically unable to run anymore. A faint humming fills the silence. His only beacon in the dark. In the distance he sees a faint glow. He picks up speed again, but never reaches a full run. The humming grows more intense. There, embedded in the wall is the source of the once vibrant pulsing light. Attached to it, is the piece of circuitry he had found previously. The two fit seamlessly together. The strange object is pulsing softly, emitting a low frequency hum simultaneously. Unsure at first, Buck approaches the broken medallion. The slow pulsing illuminates the vast darkness. With a hard and sure tug, Buck dislodges the medallion from the wall. Resting it in his hand, he feels a faint warmth accompanying it’s glow. Eager to escape the darkness Buck retreats.