Campaign Rollout

In order to launch our new hotel ethos and app, Crowne Plaza will partner up with Facebook and Instagram to reach our millennial target audience.

By gathering data of users who specified their ages to be between 20 and 35, data such as check ins, location, travel plans etc etc, Facebook will create a notification at the top of the users news feed. This will link to an external page (a very similar mechanic to events and videos created by Facebook in the past). This page will show how their specific travels have impacted the environment, and offer Crowne Plaza Hotels and App as a solution to this. Crowne Plaza will also have an official Facebook page which will allow for reviews and complaints. This page will be monitored closley and repose rates should be within half an hour Рbut should aim to be within a few minutes (Facebook monitors average response time).

Instagram will make use of internet personalities to speak about Crowne Plaza Hotel by allowing these personalities to stay at our hotels for free, in order to blog / vlog / speak about their experience. Users of the Crowne Plaza app will also be rewarded for rating it on the app store / google play , allowing for feedback that other Millennials will trust, encouraging downloads, even when not at the hotel.

As an added feature, this app can eventually be adapted to use outside of hotel spaces – due to branding of Crowne Plaza in app and rewards all linked to Crowne Plaza, use of the app will encourage more guests to book a stay at Crowne Plaza when travelling.