Final Concept Video

DNAD Crowne Plaza Concept Pitch – Choose A Better Way, With Crowne Plaza.

The brief was to make Crowne Plaza Hotels more desirable to Millennial business travellers. So I asked – what do Millennials want? What do they want to achieve?

Millennials want freedom of choice and to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. They also want to make the world a better place, yet do not want to inconvenience their lives too much or become extreme activists.

So why not combine freedom of choice and community, ease of access and convenience, and reward them for their actions?

Introducing Choose A Better Way – a concept that not only addresses Millennial engagement, but also the serious impact that conventional hotels have on the environment.

Final Concept Pitch from Victoria Rinfreschi on Vimeo.

Case Study Video Script

Recorded Voice Over

We are all aware of the negative impact traveling has on our environment, yet we tend to have no control over this. But what if we knew our effect on the environment? What if we were given the choice? Crowne Plaza is changing the way we view travel by putting guests in control of their stay with an app that enables guests to monitor and control their consumption, and rewards them for making good environmental choices.

We know that engagement is key, so we’ve created easy, fun, rewarding ways for our guests to give back. Our app focuses on 4 key aspects of conservation; water and energy conservation, recycling and energy generation. Real time stats are recorded by linking up with smart devices and sensors throughout the hotel using NFC technology, allowing guests to effortlessly track their progress.

When our guests check in, their app is linked to their suite. Sensors in each room allow guests to monitor their own water and energy usage. Each day guests are given a maximum consumption target and earn points for every unit saved. Guests are also rewarded every time they make use of our green gym and recycle bins.

Our guests will be ranked according to points earned and guests who find themselves at the top of the leaderboard in any of our 4 conservation categories or over all, will earn bonus points for that day. Guests will also be able to view other user’s stats. Points earned can be traded for hotel rewards, such as a free bar tab or a free night stay at any Crowne Plaza hotel.

We know that team work makes the dream work, so we at Crowne Plaza are also doing our bit for the environment by implementing features such as SolarWindows and water saving taps and toilets. We also believe in helping our community and as a result have teamed up with CleanWorld and Clean The World to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

Our campaign will be launched on Facebook via a Facebook greeting card in our millennial’s news feed. Using Facebook data such as geotagging and check in’s, we will able able to see when people are traveling and playing on the millennial desire to change the world we will offer them the opportunity to choose a better way with Crowne Plaza.

Campaign Rollout

In order to launch our new hotel ethos and app, Crowne Plaza will partner up with Facebook and Instagram to reach our millennial target audience.

By gathering data of users who specified their ages to be between 20 and 35, data such as check ins, location, travel plans etc etc, Facebook will create a notification at the top of the users news feed. This will link to an external page (a very similar mechanic to events and videos created by Facebook in the past). This page will show how their specific travels have impacted the environment, and offer Crowne Plaza Hotels and App as a solution to this. Crowne Plaza will also have an official Facebook page which will allow for reviews and complaints. This page will be monitored closley and repose rates should be within half an hour – but should aim to be within a few minutes (Facebook monitors average response time).

Instagram will make use of internet personalities to speak about Crowne Plaza Hotel by allowing these personalities to stay at our hotels for free, in order to blog / vlog / speak about their experience. Users of the Crowne Plaza app will also be rewarded for rating it on the app store / google play , allowing for feedback that other Millennials will trust, encouraging downloads, even when not at the hotel.

As an added feature, this app can eventually be adapted to use outside of hotel spaces – due to branding of Crowne Plaza in app and rewards all linked to Crowne Plaza, use of the app will encourage more guests to book a stay at Crowne Plaza when travelling.