Project Description

We’re all aware of the negative impact traveling has on our environment, yet we had no control over this. We weren’t given the opportunity to choose a better way. Until now. Crowne Plaza is empowering their guests to choose a better way, by putting them in control of their stay. With an app that not only allows each guest to monitor their own consumption, but also enables them to give back, rewarding guests for participating in making good environmental choices.

In order for our guests to get access to their rooms, the gym equipment and recycle bins, they will need to tap their phone agains the NFC sensors connected to each item. By doing this, all data is seamlessly and effortlessly recorded on their app, allowing guests to earn points for these actions. Water and electrical usage in their room can also be monitored through their app, and points will be awarded for using less than the specified limit. Points can be exchanged for a series of rewards equivalent to the number earned. If our guests are feeling particularly generous, the currency value of the points earned can be donated to the WWF fund.

Crowne Plaza, allowing for freedom of choice.


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