Further App Development

App layout and Content:  app / phone = key card / NFC

First time log in / open app – small infographic page stating “use less than x amount water/electricity per day and earn rewards” + recycle + opt for stairs + link to gym (electricity generated from work out comes off electricity used in room)

learn more / dismiss
(learn more link to external webpage – scrollable with all information)

tally of water / electricity / recycle / lift / electricity generated
tap on each one to get stats  (per hour / total most used etc) +  – graphs showing your usage vs average usage to show progress

hamburger menu icon

  • about
  • help
  • profile (user name and profile picture – option to link in Facebook + settings (show user name / social media / profile picture))

push notification of rewards earned + warning of high usage + goals achieved

Donating points to charity tab (list form) –


top water savers
top electricity savers
top recyclers
top energy contributors
over all top savers
(room numbers / user name)
competition  – extra incentives / points for being top that day (compounded daily)
when open app next day , congratulations popup model stating leader / goals achieved previous day
if not achieved – give energy / water saving tips – can be tongue in cheek – save water shower with a friend etc etcScreen Shot 2017-02-20 at 22.38.35.pngscreen-shot-2017-02-20-at-22-56-37

The concept for this design is based off a dash board view in order to make statistics more accessible.


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