Keeping my design focused

  1. Define the goal

    What is it? What does it need to do?

    An app that enables people to make better environmental choices whilst traveling. It needs to incorporate everything required when booking and staying at a hotel, such as booking form and concierge, as well as give feedback and realtime rewards for making environmentally friendly choices.

2. Diagnose the problem

 What’s the challenge you need to solve?

Crowne Plaza needs to attract more Millennial business travellers.

In short – attract business millennials by offering an environmentally friendly alternative to regular hotels, rewarding customers for choosing a better way.

Who is the Target Audience aka The User and why is this important to them? Why do they care?

The target audience is young millennial business travellers. Millennials care about the environment and their impact on the world and hotels and traveling have a massive negative impact on the environment. This app will empower them to feel good about doing good, without inconveniencing them.

What does this project need to communicate?

Crowne Plaza is the destination for young millennial business travellers and making good environmental choices are easy and carefree through Crowne Plaza.

What’s the key takeaway message?

Choose a better way. By choosing Crowne Plaza you are choosing a better way to travel, a better way to impact the environment and a better way to conduct business.

How should the audience feel after?

They should feel empowered, relieved and excited. This app should make the the entire process simple and quick, but also rewarding and fun.

3. Narrow your design exploration

 Define what it can and can’t be.

Now that you have a clear message, where and how will it be shown? In what context? What part of the sales cycle is the user?

How do we get the user to download the app??

What are the creative parameters to work within?

x1 Campaign

x1 app

x3 touch points throughout the hotel

x1 explanation video

What can it look like?

It needs to be colourful and fun, interactive but simple and easy to use. Needs to be playful and smart – professional but creative.

What can it sound like?

Could sound relaxing, like sitting outside on a beautiful hot summer’s day. Listening to birds chirp and a light breeze ruffling the leaves. The sound of soft running water or the waves ebbing and flowing. It should sound like relaxation and nature, the perfect harmony between work and leisure.


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