Final Concept Presentation

Concept Pitch: Crowne Plaza – Choose a better way

We’re all aware of the negative impact traveling has on our environment, yet we had no control over this. We weren’t given the opportunity to choose a better way. Until now. Crowne Plaza is empowering their guests to choose a better way, by putting them in control of their stay. Crowne Plaza, allowing for freedom of choice.

  • Allows for a much needed change without revolutionary action
  • Allows for NPOs to benefit
  • Allows clients to change the world for the better, whilst still being convenient – a win win for both parties
  • Allows for clients to feel as though they are adding meaning to their travels apart from work
  • Harnesses their innate optimism for the benefit of the world

Why Would They Care?
Millennials have a desire to make an impact and improve the environment, so they would care because it’s already something that is important to them.

Would They Engage With It?
The app would allow for ease of access and convenience, making interaction quick and simple through their smart phone. I believe they would engage with it as convenience and reward (both psychological and physical) would entice them to do so.

How Does It Achieve Goals?
It achieves the brief’s goals by enticing young millennial travellers to choose Crowne Plaza as their USP is something that allows millennials to achieve their desire of seeking change and making a difference without upsetting the status quo.

Is It Original?
Currently there are no hotels that engage with their target audience about environmental issues in this way. Nor is their a campaign that focuses on the individual’s role and choice in being environmentally friendly. The combination of, allowing Millennials to choose their role rather than telling them what to do and allowing them to choose in an interactive and fun way, is what makes this concept original.



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