Reflective Thought

I found this assignment to be very educational. I definitely had to push my knowledge of after effects and animation, and by my third mograph I found that I was able to achieve effects much easier and faster than when I started with my first one. Working closely with youtube tutorials taught me tonnes of little tips and ticks that sped up my work process, as well as refined skills and abilities I already had. I think the one skill that I developed the most during the course of this project was the use of masks and mask expansions in AE. I have always struggled with the concept of masking in After effects, but it was something I utilised a lot of to create these animations. Over all, looking back on what I was able to achieve, I know it’s only the tip of the iceberg, but the little skills, tricks and knowledge of the programme and animation principles that I needed to know in order to create these videos are what I will take away from this assignment. At the end of it all, I am satisfied with what I learnt, and what I was able to prove to myself during the course of this project.


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