My new design has considered many things such as my character’s movements and how he would express himself.

My characterreborn does not have a mouth, but he has other things that will help to portray his emotions, such as his exaggerated eye, his spring like neck and the fact that his head is a light. In certain situations, the light of the LED could change colour to express mood. His neck can grown and shrink to help exaggerate his movements and feelings. This also helps give more life like ability to his movements.

My character has a pouch in his body where he can store almost anything. Inside is also a retractable plug that he pulls out when at work, and plugs himself into the circuit for a designated number of hours.

He has claw like hands that are able to rotate 360 degrees on its axis, and can flex 180 degrees vertically. He uses a pinch like motion to pick up objects.


One thought on “Explaination

  1. This is great. I can see that you are enjoying breathing new life into this character – good job. I like the direction, but we stil might need to work a little one your core skills in rendering the final character with more details – this is however a huge leap forward.

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