Some expirementation



2 thoughts on “Some expirementation

  1. Hello Vicks,

    Okay, so there are quite a few issues that I can foresee with the character at this mo.
    Lets start with the switch nose – it is already an improvement, but it is not yet right. Maybe try more iterations of the nose, more “flick-switch designs” could make an improvement.

    The direction of the mother-board texture feels like it is moving in the right direction, and the hat is a nice touch -however, this still feels very draft like, I would like to see more rigid experimentations on these. Even as maybe to suggest that we start building the character out of the actual components in Photoshop. Have a look at this ref:

    I know this is actually built stuff, but if you consider that it has been built out of various components you would be able to get the same look maybe?

    Also look at these, they are super complicated, but they can maybe also help pointing you in a direction?

    And then finally, have a look at these, again 3 dimensional, but can very easily translate into simple 2d planes.

    9V tragedy

    Hope this helps Vicks, I do think you need to open your mind towards some of these opinions and even though it might send you in a new direction it helps to keep on working at it.

    Lekker day for ya



    1. Cool ! Thank you so much I’ll def look into it. I need a new direction anyway – I feel like I’ve hit a wall , so something new is def needed.

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