Better late than never… right?

Sometimes it takes a little longer than usual to get one’s proverbial “S#!t” together. Although that hasn’t yet happened for me, I’ll pretend that it has and post to my blog, so that the cyber world knows I exist.

The aim of this post is to introduce my idea and hopefully shed some light on the mysteries that happen within my head.

So my animation, more specifically, my protagonist. I imagine a Resistor, living a life that doesn’t satisfy him. He is a resistor in both the figurative and literal terms. He is one that just doesn’t fit in. His life is that of monotonous routine. He works as a switch flipper in his electronic world, but he dreams of something so much bigger. He however has one drawback, he is unequivocally and utterly afraid. Afraid of what you ask? Everything and anything that could possibly cause him harm, major or minor. This unfortunately clashes with his adventurous and outgoing spirit. There is always a constant battle between his fear and his need for adventure. His home life is non-existent, except for possibly a pet of some kind (still up for debate). I will possibly incorporate a love interest, and his battle with fear or rejection or emotional hurt over his desire for her.

SO lets break down my character piece by piece, shall we?

Upor, Iahiko, Vastus, Takisti, Rezistilo – just a few brainstorming ideas for the name of my little resistor man 🙂 Tak? Iko? Rez? All possible names.

Physically, my character is a young adult male. He is the average height of a resistor his age (that being 4cm tall), and he is the average weight of 1gram. He has one strand of silver black hair that comes out of his head, unique to him as a character. He is very rigid in his movements, as resistors are. His appearance is that of a button pusher or switch flicker, however he has key features that distinguish him from the rest of society and that is, how he wears his spirit on his sleeve. His very joints themselves give him a sporty  “skater” look, as though he is wearing knee and elbow pads. His emotions are portrayed clearly on his face, his facial expressions being as easy to read as a children’s “Spot” book.

Psychologically speaking, he is a well adjusted but somewhat lonely individual. His fears are vast and dominate most of his conscious thoughts. He also has a complex about being just an ordinary, cog in the machine. It is frustrating and disappointing that he isn’t special, that there is nothing extraordinary about him. He has a burning desire to be noticed, to be different, to stand out from the crowd and be recognized for the brilliance he knows he posses deep down, so deep down that he doesn’t know what it is, exactly. He doesn’t have any confidence to be his true self or to go out on his own. He has a need to feel useful and needed by others. He likes to help others, often to the detriment of himself, which often makes him look like a pushover, because he avoids confronting those who use him. He has a need for approval from everyone he comes across. He is and has always been single.

From a social standpoint, he comes from a home of absent parents. As an only child of parents that hated each other , he basically raised himself. Their constant negativity towards life and their ability to undermine everything he has ever wanted to do, has left him with the inability to do anything that is remotely hard or against the grain. He grew up in a middle to low income household. As a young adult he forms part of the working class. He works as a switch flipper or button pusher in a local factory, where hours are long and pay is little. Due to his upbringing he has very limited education in terms of schooling, but despite his lack of  conventional book knowledge, he is very intuitive in regards to people and his surroundings and remembers everything he reads, meaning he is a wealth of random facts and tidbits. He enjoys collecting broken and lost mechanical pieces which he repairs and sometimes uses to build new better things.


Sounds like a nice lost soul doesn’t he? Just like the rest of us 😉




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